2024 Bee Orders Start Now!

2024 Bee Orders Start Now!

Seems like each season I say the weather is awfully weird and this years no exception. Last year it was snowing in October and this year weather warm enough to inspect bees on Christmas day! I say it every year and I mean it, we know you have many choices when buying bees and queens, we sure do appreciate you trusting us with your hard earned money! We cannot wait to see you soon! Thank you for allowing us to serve you for for 14 years now!

  • #3lb Package with marked queens $135
  • 5 Frame Nucleus Colonies in plastic pro nuc box are $195

If you would like to order quantities over 50 please reach out for special pricing

Pickup for packages and nucs will be south east Bloomington IL. Packages will be available for pickup 4/20 late morning. Nucs will be available starting mid May weather dependent. Orders are filled based on when the deposits are received. All nucs are inspected in my bee yards by the buyer at time of pickup so bring your veil! All bees are inspected by state inspectors BEFORE your pickup date in accordance to Illinois state law.

Ordering instructions:

To place your order, click on the link to our store in the upper right corner of our webpage. Click on the product, choose checkout now. You can modify the quantity you’re looking to purchase and choose update, when you picked out everything choose checkout. If you purchased from us last year and created an account you can choose returning customer, if you’re new you’ll fill out your information. Please be sure your email and phone is the best to reach you at, we will not contact you unless absolutely necessary. It’s also a good idea to make sure our email address wont be flagged as SPAM preventing you from seeing your confirmation or future communications from us!

Payment options:

We accept cash, check, PayPal, PayPal Credit, Venmo, Apple / Google / Microsoft Pay, or credit cards. When choosing payments please know you can pay by cash or check by choosing pay later with zero transaction fees to me! (this REALLY helps me out and I don’t deposit the checks until late March / early April).

Not sure what to order?

I put together a blog post a few years back outlining the differences as well as the pros and cons. still deciding if you should buy a “Nuc” or a “Package” checkout a blog post should answer most of your questions! Over the winter I’ll be working on some blog entries to answer some of the common questions we see from new as well as some returning customers. If you haven’t enrolled in a introduction course, please find one locally or I’m happy to recommend one.

Where do I buy my hardware and supplies?

We are NOT selling hardware, we are too busy focusing on bees. I’d direct your business to Hillco Bees LLC. We purchase gear from John over the years and can only say great things about his family run business. The quality is second to none, his prices are great, and if you have any issues he’ll make it right! Please consider supporting another local small business?

I need some help!

If you have any questions please reach out either via text or email and I’ll be happy to help with product details, payments, ordering questions, or anything else! if you send an email and haven’t heard back within a few days please text or call!